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Since our inception, Creative Dynamics Co. has been focused on helping companies foster innovative thinking to meet their desired future.

It takes 4,000 ideas to generate one commercial success. That means while a company is hard at work attending to its core business, it has to have systems in place that continually generate fresh ideas. Our current economy shows that revenue streams change rapidly. Companies need to be ready to identify and serve them. I call it future-proofing.


How does a company foster innovative thinking to meet the future while serving its existing customers?


I’ve spent my entire career using the principles of deliberate innovation to answer that question. From my early days at Snagajob where I was tapped to open new markets and oversee tremendous growth to my current work teaching creativity and ideation at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business.


I hold a Masters of Science in Creativity + Change Leadership from SUNY International Center for Creative Studies. Through my experience, education, and teaching I’ve developed a unique system that helps executives identify and foster intrepreneurs to keep companies nimble and profitable.


Too often when company leaders hear about innovation and disruption, they immediately want to protect their current assets. There is a way to do both, I can show you how.


Katy Foucar-Szocki 


Katy has taken the entrepreneurial route through her corporate career, and emerged a thoughtful leader on innovation. 


She opened new markets for the high-growth, startup snagajob by relying on her innate resourcefulness and innovative thinking. In her work with business leaders and C-suite executives she observed first-hand the challenges of using an existing workforce to meet the problems of the future.


This led her to pursue and earn a Masters of Science in Creativity + Change Leadership from SUNY International Center for Creative Studies.


Today, Katy is a professor at the VCU School of Business teaching ideation and creativity and a consulting powerhouse showing leaders how to use their existing workforces to innovate for the future.

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Holly Chasan-Young 

Consulting Partner 

Holly is a product + service Advisor, Coach and Strategist who makes teams and their customers awesome! She does it through human-centered approaches such as Customer Centricity, Coaching, Facilitation, & Modern Product Strategies.

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