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Innovation Audit 

Before any change is recommended, let’s assess how well your efforts to innovate are serving you right now. This collaborative process allows us to get an accurate picture of your company’s current ability to foster new ideas, and outline tangible, next steps.  This means as we go forward we will be working with a shared understanding of how deliberate innovation would benefit your organization and provide you with actionable steps to make it a part of your company’s day-to-day. The Innovation Audit is a stand-alone product or the first step in conjunction with our other offerings

Benefit: It will leave your company with a realistic action plan that aligns your organization's core strengths and strategic goals. 

Innovation Sprints & Transformations 

If your company thrives on execution, our Innovation Sprints are a fun, interactive, and illuminating jolt to get new ideas flowing. Our sprints prove innovation doesn’t have to be disruptive. Small shifts make big impacts. Let’s test the water, start small, and DO.  Think, team-building exercises that bring together leaders and workforce that makes deliberate innovation a regular part of company culture.


Benefit: It’s fun, limits risk, and with constraint, produces serious results.

Training & Development 

Innovation Mindset [assessment]  

Agility is a mindset.  Your workforce is your single, largest expense, and resource. It makes sense to engage them in meeting the future. 

Most innovations come from reimagining the model, not the product. The good news? You have all the talent you need right under your nose to make that happen. We will use Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, 1:1 Leadership Coaching, and Custom Workshops to tease out the talent you are already invested in.


Benefit: This is how you build a culture of innovation.

We know that making the best use of your teams’ individual strengths isn’t always so obvious.  Are they an ideator, developer, implementer, or clarifier? Each type brings significant advantages if identified properly. They can complement and work together to crush those strategic goals or stymie progress and derail big picture progress. 

 We use the research-backed methods of FourSight to show you, your team, and leadership where you gain energy in the creative process.  We use these insights to build world-class teams.

Benefit: You will leave a realistic plan to build high performing teams in a way that no other tool has allowed.

Strategic & Corporate Partnerships 

If you want to go fast, go alone. We want you to go far.  One of the core principles of creativity is connecting things, people, and situations that seemingly don't go together. Take wall insulation and a cup, it seemed like an odd pair until YETI did it.  Innovation does not need to happen alone. We will help you identify and build partnerships that operate as a catalyst.   


Benefit: We curate and structure B2B & B2C partnerships that drive revenue and results.   

Specialized Advisory Services

Not all innovation is disruptive (nor should it be).  Maybe the boxes we put into place above don’t fit exactly what you need? We offer custom services that we will co-create with you.  Put Creative Dynamics on retainer, or employ us for a one-on-one, quick consultation. Chances are, we will know what you need.

Benefit: We bring our third-party perspective coupled with the ability to understand your core business to build the resilience you need right now.

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